Preparing today's students for tomorrow's world in a caring learning environment


The Mid-Prairie Mandarin Chinese program was created as a result of a bipartisan federal effort to encourage the development of skills in critical foreign languages. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Understanding Chinese language and culture is essential to the economic and political security of the United States.

Mid-Prairie students from kindergarten to fourth grade learn Chinese vocabulary, grammar, characters, calligraphy, customs, and culture. Each year there is a special gathering called the Chinese Club to which students and their families are invited to share Chinese customs and Chinese food.

There is also an online blog that documents what the students are learning and shows examples of outstanding work. Each quarter a newsletter is provided to families with news from the program.

Chinese is a tonal language, and by learning it as young people Mid-Prairie students develop listening and speaking skills that are more difficult for adolescents or adults to acquire. Basically, little kids learn Chinese fast!

Among the holidays the students celebrate are the Moon Festival in the fall and Chinese New Year in late winter. Students are able to use Mandarin Chinese for sharing information about life – including people, places, numbers, emotions, and many other concepts and topics. Please visit the Chinese Blog to gain more information about this program.