The Big Hawk / Little Hawk Mentoring Program pairs up many of our outstanding leaders from Mid-Prairie High School with some of the awesome students of Mid-Prairie West.

The Big Hawks (students in grades 9 - 12) are trained to be actively involved (supportive, encouraging, and engaged) with their Little Hawk (students in grades K, 3 - 4).

The Big Hawks work hard at building relationships, being a positive role model and reinforcing the importance of being “respectful, responsible, and safe.” Mentors/Mentees meet together approximately twice a month from October through April.

Everyone involved looks forward to the time they have together.

We are very proud of our Big Hawks - thanks for making a difference!

HIgh school student builds a puzzle with elementary student
Big Hawk students poses with Little Hawk student
Big Hawk mentor builds magnetic structure with Little Hawk
Students play checkers
High school student plays game with elementary student
Little Hawk poses with his mentor
Big and Little Hawk talk over lunch in the classroom