This program was implemented to provide a renewed commitment and recognition of academic excellence. The program places an emphasis on what students are accomplishing in the classroom and gives these students well-deserved recognition for their achievement. An academic assembly will be held at the beginning of each semester to honor those students reaching these standards. Although honors and recognition are given to individual students, the effectiveness of the Renaissance Program may be measured by improvement to class and school averages such as the percent of students attaining perfect attendance, the average daily attendance and class grade point averages.

Students are recognized for achieving:

  • Honor Roll (Gold 3.75-4.0) (Silver 3.20-3.74)
  • 4.0 Grade Point o Work Habit Honor Roll o 0.5 Grade Point Improvement
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Super Student (Work Habit, Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll)

Fall Pep Assembly

The fall pep rally is an exciting, high energy, academic pep rally to reward students in grades 10- 12 from last semester. It is a great way to get students pumped up and excited about excelling in academics for the coming school year. Many skits and music are on hand to give this rally an atmosphere of excellence.

February Assembly

Our evening assembly usually takes place the first Monday in February. It follows the completion of the first semester. The event is held in our auditorium and is more formal than the fall pep rally. All students receiving an award walk across the stage to be recognized for their academic excellence for the previous semester’s work. Our Corporate Sponsors are recognized and present the certificates and prizes to the students as they walk across the stage.




Guest speaker at Renaissance program
Teachers congratulate students walking across stage
Student gives speech while teacher listens intently