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Silver Cord

What is Silver Cord?

The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished award available to Mid-Prairie High School students who earn at least 140 hours of community service/volunteering by the Seniors last Friday of their graduating year.

Students may begin the Silver Cord Program the first day of school during their 9th grade year.

The expected service hour breakdown is as follows:

9th grade = 20 hours

10th grade = 40 hours

11th grade = 40 hours

12th grade = 40 hours

Hours will be prorated for those students that move into the district after the beginning of the 9th grade year. If you are a current MPHS student and are wanting to begin the program, regardless of your current year, please see the Counselor or Principal for more details.

Those completing the requirements will receive a silver cord on Senior Class Night to wear on their robes for graduation in recognition of their achievement.

Summer Service

For service hours earned during the summer, students may choose to have hours applied to either the prior year of the following year. (e.g. The summer following the freshman year can apply toward either the freshman or sophomore 40-hour requirement, or divided between the two as needed.) However, the summer before 8th grade year cannot be used. All activities must be pre-approved.

Documentation Details

  • Students must receive pre-approval for any silver cord service project.
  • Students must document all service activities on the Silver Cord form provided.
    • One form will be used for each site or project, and a supervisor must sign each form (A note confirming the students' service signed by the supervisor at the project is also acceptable and must be attached/included with the Silver Cord form)
    • Forms can be found on the link on the left or here.
    • Forms must be completed within two (2) weeks of the service/volunteer experience or within the first two (2) weeks of school if it was done during the summer.
    • SENIORS - forms must be turned in by May 1 of senior year.

Service Reflection

At the end of each service opportunity, students must complete a reflection by answering these questions on a Google Doc. Please title the Doc (First Name-Last Name-Service-Date)

Include name, service, date and hours volunteered at the top of the Doc

1. What did I gain from the experience of volunteering my services?
2. How has this experience influenced my life and how was I helpful to others?
You are welcomed to add any pictures or videos to the reflection.

After you have completed the refection, place the Google Doc in your Silver Cord folder.

Service Activities Guidelines

Acceptable Service Activities

Students may earn up to 80 hours (total) volunteering for a MPCSD organization, group or club as long as:

  • No varsity letter, school credit or grade is given
  • Service hours are not expected as part of a membership to a club or group. (e.g. Volunteering hours required for any group or club will not count towards Silver Cord hours.)
  • Silver Cord hours must be providing a service or meeting a clear need for a non-profit agency, church, school, park, charity program, fundraiser or community event. The service should be "above and beyond" one's usual scope of involvement.

80 hours must be earned outside of MPCSD school related involvement.

Non-Acceptable Service Activities

  • Sports teams, managing/training
  • Any assigned or expected activity from a coach or director
  • Any activity that takes place during the normal school day
  • Service to satisfy a class or required by any agency, program, or organization
  • For a relative (that may not be available to other students)
  • For pay or compensation of any kind
  • Others at the discretion of the Silver Cord Committee