Silver Cord

What is Silver Cord?

The Silver Cord Award is a distinguished award available to Mid-Prairie High School students who earn at least 140 hours of community service/volunteering by the Senior's last Friday of their graduating year.

Students may begin the Silver Cord Program the first day of school during their 9th grade year.

The expected service hour breakdown is as follows:

9th grade = 20 hours

10th grade = 40 hours

11th grade = 40 hours

12th grade = 40 hours

Hours will be prorated for those students that move into the district after the beginning of the 9th grade year. If you are a current MPHS student and are wanting to begin the program, regardless of your current year, please see the Counselor or Principal for more details.

Those completing the requirements will receive a silver cord on Senior Class Night to wear on their robes for graduation in recognition of their achievement.