Library Policies


Mid-Prairie Library Program Mission Statement

The mission of the school library is to:

  • be an integral part of the school
  • provide collaboration with staff to create authentic learning for all students
  • provide quality resources
  • provide information literacy skills instruction to students and staff
  • promote life-long enjoyment of reading and learning

Check Out of Materials

Students may check out books from the library during their regularly scheduled library time. In addition to this time, students can checkout before school or during the day.

Kindergarten can have one book checked out at one time.

First grade students can have two books checked out at one time.

Second grade – Fifth grade can have three books checked out at one time.

Middle school students can have four books checked out at one time.

High school students can have five books checked out at one time.

The majority of the library collections have a checkout period of 12 school days at the elementary and three weeks at the middle and high schools. Special collections – including reference books – have a checkout period of three days.

Library materials can be returned prior to being due. When students return books early, they may then checkout other items.

Overdue Materials

In order to provide all students access to all library materials, we ask that library materials be returned on or before the date when they are due. A renewal of library materials will be granted to those who ask to renew their materials. This can be done in the school library.

In the event that books are overdue, weekly overdue notices are given to students. In the middle and high school levels, an overdue fine is assessed at a rate of five cents per day. (A grace period of one day is in place for overdue materials.) At the elementary level, no fines are assessed. We ask that the materials be returned promptly or renewed.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Occasionally, library materials are lost or damaged beyond repair. Students/parents are asked to pay a replacement cost for the item.

Library associates will complete minor book repairs. Minor repairs include mending torn pages, gluing broken spines, etc.

Selection and Reconsideration of Library Materials

The collections of the school library are managed by the teacher librarian and obtained to meet the needs of our schools, including current curriculum and student interests. The library also maintains a diverse collection on a range of topics.

Library collections include a range of high quality materials and are developed with care by the teacher librarian using input from professional resources. The selection of materials for the school library is based on the district’s Instructional Materials Selection board policy.

In the event of an objection to library materials, the board policy for Objection to Instructional Materials will be followed.

Donations and Gifts

Donations and gifts to the school library are greatly appreciated! The library collection is maintained by a selection policy, which aligns the collection with current curriculum and student interest. Materials donated or gifted to the library will undergo this selection policy prior to being added to the collection. Materials that do not meet the selection policy criteria will be donated to an organization, such as Goodwill.

Monetary donations will be deposited into the library book account and will be used to select high quality materials that meet the needs of our library collection, either in a curricular or student interest need.