Preparing today's students for tomorrow's world in a caring learning environment

English Language Learner (ELL)

Mid Prairie’s ELL Program is designed to create a caring and supportive setting where students are taught strategies to help them master English as quickly as possible, develop appropriate academic and social skills, and progress in content areas.

Instruction integrates skills and concepts of the mainstream curriculum in the belief that language learning best occurs when the content is meaningful and useful to students. Utilizing both inside and outside of classroom supports, teachers can respond to a variety of learning styles, cultural backgrounds and language levels.

The students bring a vast array of linguistic and cultural diversity to our school district. Students come with different levels of English both in terms of basic interpersonal and academic English skills. They also bring diverse cultural insights and experiences into the classroom and community. English language instruction is tailored to the individual linguistic, cultural, and educational needs of the student. In addition to regular instruction in the mainstream classroom, all English Language Learners receive instruction by specialized ELL teachers. Mid-Prairie Community Schools currently offers program instruction at all buildings K-12. Native language speakers of the most common language groups in Mid-Prairie (French, Russian, and Spanish, receive bilingual support as needed.

Mid-Prairie has experienced a huge growth of ELL students to the district over the past few years. Additionally, students leave and enter the program at various points of the year. Such movement requires constant communication and flexible staffing and scheduling at the school level. Teachers are encouraged to contact the program staff in their schools with any questions about appropriate instructional approaches, materials, cultural differences, etc. Mid-Prairie works closely with Area Education Agencies to provide training for staff and support for families.