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Golden hawk painted on the Gym floor
At the high school level, we encourage all students to try many different activities.

By staying involved you create a special bond with other students and you get to know the staff/coaches in a different setting other than the classroom. Being involved also gives you the opportunity to participate and compete against other schools in the conference and SE Iowa.

There are also many studies that prove that the more students get involved in extra curricular activities they will have better grades than those that are not involved. You learn to prioritize and manage your time better.

Get involved and find your passion.

2016 - 2017 Sports Highlights

Football | 1 Individual Division 1 Player

Cross Country | Boys | 1st Place Finish @ State | Conference Champions

Cross Country | Girls | 3rd Place Finish @ State

Wrestling | 1 Individual State Participant | 4th Place Winner

State Dance Team | Pom | 4th Place Finish | Division 1 Ranking

State Dance Team | Hip Hop | 2nd Place Finish | Division 1 Ranking

State Dance Team | 3 Division 1 Solo Rankings

Basketball | Girls | State Placing

Track | Boys | 6 Events Place @ State | 1 Event Place @ Drake Relays | 15th Team

Place Finish in 2A

Track | Girls | 9 Events Place @ State | 6 Events Place @ Drake Relays | 2nd Team

Place Finish in 2A

Winter & Spring Sports 2016 - 2017