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Summer Camps and Activities


All Camps and Activities listed are NOT sponsored by Mid-Prairie Community School District.

Sports Camps

Youth Sports Leagues

Summer Camps

Summer Activities

Traveling Exhibit

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Free Dental Screening

Summer Reading Program

Kalona Public Library Summer Reading Program

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Your children are invited to join Kalona Public Library’s summer library program and attend the fun programs and events we are planning for children through age 18. This summer’s theme, “Libraries Rock,” explores all kinds of topics from sound science to juggling and more. The programs are free and open to children of all abilities.

The public library cares about your children and has planned programs to keep them reading and learning all summer. Whether you keep track of the amount of time your children spend reading or the number of books they have read this summer, children who join the summer library program keep their minds active and enter school in the fall ready to learn and ready to succeed.

And remember, you are your child’s first teacher. Look at picture books with your children who have not learned to read and point out people, animals, and objects in the pictures. Read to your children and ask them to read to you. Your librarians are happy to help you find books that are just right. We hope that you and your family enjoy looking at books and reading together and that you discover the treasures of your library.

Keep an eye on the local newspaper or stop in at the library for more information and a schedule of events.


Kalona Public Library Staff


Summer Lunch Programs

Summer Lunch Ice Cream Socials

Kalona - June 4th, noon - 2pm
Wellman - June 11th, noon - 1pm

This year, Wellman Summer Lunches are going to look different. For one, we are joining marketing efforts with Kalona's Food for All summer lunch program. We think this will help streamline communication and eliminate confusion with the reconfiguration of the Mid-Prairie Schools. The biggest change is that lunches will no longer be held at Wellman Mennonite Church, but at the Wellman Roller Skating Rink instead. The city of Wellman is letting us use this space for FREE and the centralized location is a huge plus. (There will not be skating available.)

The model for lunches will also look a little different. We will have an open door, come and go policy from noon-1pm inviting ANYONE to come in and have lunch. No questions asked. There will be a box for donations, but it is not expected that anyone give. We will have a buffet line of food where one can assemble their own sandwiches/meals, eat them at the rink together or pack a lunch to go. The same healthy standard for food will be implied here too! Fresh fruits and veggies, milk (donated by Kalona SuperNatural) and other similar items. We will still need volunteers, just as before, to help make sure this goes smoothly.

We also hope to offer small craft projects and a literacy corner for the kids who come. This has been hugely successful at Kalona so we're going to give it a try at Wellman.

We will kick off the summer on Monday, June 11 with an ice cream social at the rink. Anyone is invited to come, enjoy some ice cream and socialize with our community.

Now... will you still consider volunteering? Will you spread the word and encourage others to volunteer? Will you share this in your circles and churches? Click this link to sign up to volunteer. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you!

Erin Ramer

Goodwin Senior Dining

Memorial Day Brunch

8:00am - 12:00pm

at Goodwin Senior Dining in Wellman


Kalona Municipal Pool Opening, May 30th from 1:00pm - 7:00pm

Summer Bible School

9/11 Never Forget Mobile Memorial

9/11 Never Forget Mobile Memorial will be at the Washington County Fair, July 15 - 17

Memorial Flier