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Secondary PLC Overview

What does the PLC Work of Mid-Prairie Secondary Teacher Look Like ?

Question #1: What do students need to know and be able to do? (Goals/Expectations)

  • Meet or exceed grade level standards for all curricular areas
  • Learning Targets
  • Create Compelling Questions (Inquiry)
  • Vertical Alignment to prepare students for the next level
  • Healthy Choices
  • Sequential Learning-Student Career Choice
  • Life Skills/Employability (Problem Solvers, Creativity, Communication, Writing Skills, Work independently and in a group)
  • Self advocates
  • Literacy in all curricular areas
  • Use evidence to support their claim
  • Appreciation of the Arts
  • Media/Technology

Question #2: How will we know when they have learned it? (Assessment)

  • Formative/Summative Assessments
  • Observations
  • Proficiency
  • Evidence through: Projects, Presentations, Discussions, Papers, Debates, Quizzes
  • Creating strong questions
  • Increased Independence
  • Transferable application/knowledge

Question #3: What will we do when they haven’t learned it? (Intervention)

  • Re-teach
  • WIN Time
  • Implement different strategies
  • Alternate Assessments
  • Reassessments
  • Collaboration amongst staff members/Shared resources
  • Peer Mentors
  • Open Communication with parents
  • Review practice habits

Question #4: What will we do when they already know it? (Enrich/Extend)

  • Challenge students with alternate activities (find extensions)
  • Utilize peer tutors/experts
  • Student-led instructions
  • Independent time/pace
  • Pre-teach concepts from next grade level
  • Student choice opportunities
  • Increase difficulty of goal areas
  • Celebrate
  • Offer and share resources (record in a shared document)
  • Projects based on real world/situations