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Transportation Director
Teresa Hartley
Mid-Prairie Transportation (319)646-6881

Safe Bus Rider
Award Program

Every week - your bus driver will select a “Safe Rider of the Week.”

To help encourage and promote a “school bus culture” that is orderly and safe through:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Following bus rules
  • Acknowledging positive behaviors

The awardee will be presented with:

A Safe Rider Award Certificate


A gift certificate to DJ’s Casual Café for a free cone or cup of ice cream.

Please help us to encourage students to be a positive role model for their peers and others around them, by encouraging rules and behaviors:

Respect of Self – Respect of Others - Respect of Property

  • Obey Driver Promptly and Willingly
  • Follow Bus Rules
  • Speak in Quiet Voice
  • Use Kind Words (please, thank you, excuse me, help)
  • Sit Facing Front
  • Feet on Floor and Out of Aisle
  • Stay in Seat AT ALL Times
  • Hands & Feet to Self
  • Wait to Eat or Drink at Home
  • Helpful to Driver and Others
  • Help Keep Bus Clean

  • Help Younger Kids on the Bus