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Bus Route Information

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To register your children for transportation please fill out transportation registration form and email form back to transportation department director, Teresa Hartley,

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21Light BlueCindy DuwaAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:40High School3:15

West Elementary7:45West Elementary3:25

High School7:55Route3:40
1020GreenMark EnglishAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route7:20Middle School Shuttle3:15

Middle School7:50High School3:27

East Elementary7:52West Elementary3:30

High School8:05Harvest Hill (Wellman kids)3:45

West Elementary8:08Middle School3:48

East Elementary3:50

Route - after all kids are loaded3:52

133PurpleTracy FisherAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route7:00Middle School3:15

HIgh School7:47East Elementary3:20

West Elementary7:50High School3:35

East Elementary8:00West Elementary3:44

Middle School8:03Route3:48
78Hot PinkCarl YoderAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:55High School3:15

Transfer (Washington Township) Wellman Kids7:51West Elementary3:27

West Elementary8:10Transfer (Washington Township) Wellman Kids3:45

High School8:13Route3:48
510RedBilly MatiyaboAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:47Middle School3:15

High School7:47East Elementary3:20

Wellman Baptist Church (6th Ave & 4th Street)7:50High School3:40

West Elementary7:54Wellman Baptist Church (6th Ave & 4th Street)3:43

East Elementary8:08West Elementary3:53

Middle School8:14Route3:55

611YellowChuck RognessAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:50Middle School3:15

Vilovchik Day Care7:40East Elementary3:24

Harvest Hill (All Kids)7:48Harvest Hill (Kalona Kids)3:28

East Elementary7:50Vilovchik Day Care3:32

Middle School7:55High School3:45

High School8:05West Elementary3:50

West Elementary8:10Route3:55
322BrownGerry BeelerAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:52MIddle School3:15

West Elementary7:42East Elementary3:18

High School7:46Wellman Town Stop (Mennonite Church-8th Ave)3:45

Wellman Town Stop (Mennonite Church-8th Ave)7:50West Elementary3:48

East Elementary8:05High School3:50

Middle School8:10Route3:52
12PinkCristina OyarzunAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:52Middle School3:15

West Elementary7:44East Elementary3:25

East Elementary8:03West Elementary3:44

Middle School8:09Route3:54
815WhiteKathy MillerAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route7:00Middle School3:15

Transfer (Washington Township) Kalona Kids7:50East Elementary3:20

East Elementary8:08Transfer (Washington Township)-Kalona Kids3:38

Middle School8:10Route3:45
416Lime GreenTodd TroyerAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route6:58Middle School3:15

High School7:56East Elementary3:26

West Elementary8:01West Elementary3:44

East Elementary8:15High School3:47

Middle School8:20Route3:50
1217BlueSarah BiersnerAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route7:05High School3:15

Middle School7:45West Elementary3:25

East Elementary7:48Library Kalona Town Stop (6th St & C Ave)3:40

Library Kalona Town Stop (6th St & C Ave)7:52MIddle School3:45

High School8:05East Elementary3:48

West Elementary8:10Route3:50
1119OrangeGrace YoderAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route7:20High School3:15

Kids Country Club7:33West Elementary3:24

East Elementary7:47Kalona Town Stop (Mennonite Church-6th St & J St)3:42

Kalona Town Stop (Mennonite Church-6th St & J St)7:50East Elementary3:46

Middle School7:56MIddle School3:49

West Elementary8:08Route3:55

High School8:12Kids Country Club4:00
914GrayDale StutzmanAM Route:Time:PM Route:Time:

Route7:02High School3:15

Middle School7:40West Elementary3:20

East Elementary7:42East Elementary3:40

High School8:02MIddle School3:45

West Elementary8:07Route3:47


10RedBilly MatiyaboMiddle School5:10

Kalona YMCA5:15

West Elementary 5:25

High School5:30

Awesome Corner5:35

Township ( if needed)5:40

Frytown Gas Station5:50

Middle School6:00

3PurpleTracy FisherHigh School5:25

West Elementary 5:35

West Chester5:45