Teacher Leaders

Teacher Leadership Compensation Grant at Mid-Prairie

Q & A with Kristan Hunter (District Curriculum/Professional Learning Leader)

Q: What is the Teacher Leadership Compensation Grant?

A: In 2013, the Iowa Legislature established the Teacher Leadership and Compensation System (TLC) to improve student learning. This grant has allowed voluntary participating school districts to receive funding to compensate teachers to lead the efforts in professional learning and effective teaching. TLC has recognized that teacher leaders are critical in aiding the effort to maximize student learning at all levels. At Mid-Prairie, we believe all of our district educators are teacher leaders and provide a high quality education for all our students.

Q: How has the TLC grant impacted Mid-Prairie?

A: For the 2017-18 school year, Mid-Prairie will receive a second year of compensation to implement the TLC System by developing leadership roles that will further impact student and teacher learning. In 2016, Mid-Prairie established four new TLC leadership roles; Curriculum/Professional Learning Leader, Learning Design Coaches, Model Teachers and Professional Partners. These roles have allowed for 25 percent of current district educators to offer a comprehensive system of support. These TLC teacher leaders take on extra responsibilities throughout the year as the district strives to develop a more rigorous and relevant curriculum using the Iowa Core, strengthen instruction through continued collaborative efforts and offer support for key district initiatives.

Q: What does the comprehensive system of support look like?

A: Currently, my role as the Professional Learning Leader and our two Learning Design Coaches (Frank Slabaugh and Glenda Seward) are a full release from the classroom. As the TLC Lead Team, we collaborate, facilitate and design learning/instructional supports according to the needs of the Mid-Prairie teachers and staff. The Model Teachers and Professional Partners are full-time classroom teachers and will be assisting their building level colleagues on effective strategies and skills that impact student achievement. Through collaborative efforts with the TLC Lead Team, the Model Teachers and Professional Partners will support teachers in a greater capacity in the areas of Literacy, Math, Technology, PBIS (Elem.), Seminar (HS) and Data Decision Making.

Q: What if I still have questions about the TLC Compensation System at Mid-Prairie?

A: Please feel free to contact myself or Mark through e-mail or phone; Khunter@mphawks.org / 319-646-6093 or Mark Schneider Mschneider@mphawks.org /319-646-6093