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6th graders solving math problems to review unit rates, rates, and finding percentages with a Turkey Relay Race!

students working on math problems together students racing across the floor in crouching position students working on problems spread out from each other students working together at tables


Students playing Periodic Table Battleship in 6th grade science.

students playing battleship game together students playing battleship game together

students playing battleship game together

Thank you to KCTC for your support each year at Mid-Prairie! We love our community!

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The sixth-grade social studies class played a modified version of a popular Mayan ball game. Students tried to keep the ball up without the use of their hands or feet, just like the Maya. But instead of heavy solid rubber balls, they tried it out with tennis balls!

Students playing a game outside in grassy area  Students playing a game outside in grassy area

Students playing a game outside in grassy area