1:1 Chromebook

Our Vision for Chromebook InitiativeMiddle School Student taking a quiz on Chromebook.

The focus of the 1:1 Program at Mid-Prairie Middle School is to provide necessary tools and resources for a progressive learning environment characterized by flexibility, collaboration, personalization, creativity, and technology-rich learning.

At MPMS technology will be integrated throughout the educational program in a seamless and timely fashion. The 1:1 Program setting empowers students and teachers to use technology like adults do in the real world, accessing and using purposeful technology-based tools anytime a task calls for them.

Learning at MPMS is a continuous dynamic interaction among students, educators, parents, and the extended community. Implementation of a 1:1 Program initiative enables anywhere, anytime learning that is no longer limited by the four walls of a classroom or building. Purposeful technology integration liberates teachers from being deliverers of content and, instead, allows them to be facilitators of deep, individualized learning for all students.


  • Become global citizens: personal presentation, collaboration, cultural awareness, ethics, tolerance
  • Create habits of lifelong learners: self-directed, identify reliable sources, critical digital consumers, flexibility toward devices and environments
  • Literacy: write across all core subjects, common language
  • Collaboration: between all involved learners, including students and students, students and staff, staff and staff