The Alternative Learning Center serves students from the Mid-Prairie Community School District as well as surrounding school districts as space permits.

Students must be in grades nine through twelve to be considered for admission. Students should also meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • Standardized test scores two years below grade level in either math or reading
  • Low grades or retention
  • High rate of absenteeism, truancy or tardiness
  • Lack of identification with school or little or no extracurricular involvement
  • Personal, social, family or self-esteem problems.
  • To be considered for admission to the Alternative Learning Center, the Student Assistance Team must refer students only after interventions at the traditional high school have failed. Ideally, a member of the alternative school staff will be present at the meeting where the referral to the Alternative Learning Center is made. Students wishing to transfer to the ALC should contact the counselor to set up a Student Assistance Team meeting.

    A meeting of the Principal (or his representative), the High School Counselor, the Student, the Parent/Legal Guardian, the Alternative Learning Staff and any other relevant parties should be scheduled to consider admission. The ALC staff will be provided with an update of the student’s achievement, academic progress and other relevant information prior to the meeting. Students are required to make up any discipline issues, detention time and other requirements at the high school before they are able to attend ALC.

    During the meeting, a consensus will be reached on placement, expectations and goals for the student. An Admission Plan including a transcript review will be completed and signed. Students will transfer to the Alternative Learning Center for a minimum of two terms. Admission will be done on an individual basis that will consider current students and their needs.