About Our School

Welcome to the Mid-Prairie Alternative Learning Center!

The purpose of the Mid-Prairie Alternative Learning Center is to provide a student-centered educational environment for students who have not been successful in the traditional high school setting or whose personal needs would be easier served in a smaller environment. The Mid-Prairie Alternative Learning Center will put the needs of the students first. The school’s focus is on meeting the personal, social-emotional, behavioral, and educational needs of the individual with the goal of high school graduation and post-secondary success.

Outside photos of the ALC school

At the Alternative Learning Center we believe:

EVERY student can learn.

EVERY person has value and is worth of respect.

EVERY student must have an opportunity to access the resources necessary for learning.

CONTINUAL challenge and hard work are necessary to maximize potential.

EDUCATION is facilitated through strong and compassionate leadership.

A WELL-ROUNDED education includes an examination of ethical issues and behavior that will help students become successful adults.

THE CURRICULUM and instruction will be relevant and set high expectations by providing challenges for students at all levels of proficiency.

IN PROVIDING a safe learning environment for everyone.

IN DEVELOPING lifelong learners.

PARENTAL AND COMMUNITY involvement is an integral part of education.

THE CELEBRATION and communication of our success result in school and community pride.

At the Mid-Prairie Alternative Learning Center, we realize that not all students learn in the same way or can thrive in the same environment. We are dedicated to individualizing learning in a caring environment to promote student success and accomplishment.