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Monroe Sign Out Chart

MP East Elementary Staff -

I am creating a sign out for Monroe with different time slots. Please feel free to sign up with what times work best for you. However, please be aware that you are responsible for picking him up from different classrooms. And if no one signed up after you, you have to be the one to return him to our kindergarten classroom.

He will plan to be in the front hallway in the morning. 7:55- 8:15

He will be brought down to my room until his day starts.

Monroe will need to return to our kindergarten room by 3:00 daily.

I ask when you sign up, it is ½ hour or hour increments.

* Note- when he is in your room it is best to keep him in a down stay. Have him come in and put him in a place. Say “down and stay”. When you go to leave the room say “stand” and he will move with you. While he is walking with you tell him to go to heel which is on your left side.

If you want him to walk about the room he can do that as well, just don’t put him in a “down stay”.

* As of right now Monroe will also need to be lead by an adult, we want him to be use to the idea of taking commands from adults and we will work on adding students later in the year. Once we all get back into a routine, I am more than fine with having students return Monroe or take him from room to room.

*Also realize his schedule is subject to change with his needs and student needs. This is just a tentative schedule to help us start out but just be open to unexpected changes.

***I am going to have him Stick with me a few days and next Monday he is free to rome!!!

Thanks and he is excited to venture out! If you ever have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Mrs. Troyer

Monroe's Morning Schedule

8:30- 9:00






11:30-12:00 Monroe Break Time * Please make sure to bring him back to the kindergarten room

12:00-12:30 Monroe Break Time

Monroe's Afternoon Schedule






3:00- Return to Kindergarten Room