About Our School

Mid-Prairie High School is a rural public school district in southeastern Iowa with approximately 380 students and 55 staff members. MPHS operates on a block schedule which also includes W.I.N (What I Need) time and Seminar. The purpose of W.I.N. time is to increase student achievement through interventions and extra assistance. Students can select a teacher to work with and teachers can also select students for help. The purpose of our Seminar program is to improve support given to individual students as well as communication between staff and the student body. It also promotes overall school pride and allows students to form stronger bonds and connections with our school and staff members. We offer many extracurricular opportunities such as FFA, Drama, Choir, Band, FCCLA, Speech and our community service program, Silver Cord. In addition, we offer many different sports such as cross country, volleyball, football, boy’s and girl’s Basketball, wrestling, boy’s and girl’s track, boy’s and girl’s soccer, baseball and softball. We our proud of our wonderful facilities including our new Indoor Facility, FCS Kitchen and main office area.

At Mid-Prairie, academic excellence continues to be a top priority. We continue to be recognized as one of “America’s Best High Schools” which places us in the top 6% of all high schools in the nation. We are very proud of our success in the areas of Advanced Placement, concurrent credit and internships. We continue to track data on attendance, AP/Concurrent enrollment, Iowa Assessments, and ACT. We have implemented our Renaissance Program to provide commitment and recognition of academic excellence each year. The program places an emphasis on what students are accomplishing in the classroom and gives these students well-deserved recognition in the areas of attendance, honor roll, work habits and GPA improvement. One of our many goals is to have every student experience post secondary success before they graduate high school. We offer three different graduation options and plans which include preparation for 4-year college, 2-year college and the workforce. We currently offer Advanced Placement courses (AP) such as Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, English, Psychology, U.S. History, Studio Art Drawing and Studio Art 2-D Design. We also offer concurrent courses in Agriculture, Business, Industrial Technology, Health-Care and Culinary Arts.

We expect our students to be respectful, mentally tough, hold each other accountable, take pride in our school and get involved. We believe by following these expectations our students will be successful not only at MPHS but in their future careers and endeavors. We continue to be committed to maintaining a strong school culture that values relationships and collaboration among staff and students.