1:1 iPad

Mid-Prairie High School

Student iPad Agreement

Student iPad Agreement information has been condensed for placement in the Student Handbook. See the original Student iPad Agreement signed by students and parents/guardians for full details of this agreement.


High School students will be issued a district-owned Apple iPad at no cost to the student/parent/ guardian. Financial obligations will not be issued unless loss or damage of the borrowed device occurs as the result of handling, storage, transport or inappropriate use.

By taking possession of a borrowed device, the student agrees to assume full responsibility for the safety, security, and care of the loaned device. Any loss, theft, or damage to the device should be reported to the administration or technology department within two school days.

Deliberate Damage:

In the case of deliberate damage the student will be charged the entire cost of repairs. If the device is not repairable the student will be charged the replacement cost at the time the damage occurs.

Ethical Online Behavior:
  • By accepting the use of this device the student agrees:
  • Not to use these tools to bully, harass, or threaten other students or individuals.
  • That the technology is provided by the district and is district property.
  • Not to publish personal information about or images of others or themselves without expressed permission.
  • That the district has the right at any time to investigate, monitor, or review the contents of the device.
  • That all Mid-Prairie Acceptable Use Policies apply to the use of the device in all locations.
  • Not to install non-school related apps or files.
  • That the district has the right to remove any non-school-related apps or files.
  • That the device and accessories shall be returned in acceptable working order by the last day of school each spring, upon graduation, withdrawal or exit from the school district, and whenever requested by school staff.

Not to use the device to access, upload, download, store, print, post, receive, transmit, or distribute:

  • Pornographic, obscene, or sexually explicit material
  • Obscene, abusive, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, disrespectful, or sexually explicit language
  • Materials or information that includes language or images that are inappropriate in or disruptive to the educational setting or process
  • Materials that use language or images that advocate violence or discrimination toward other people (hate literature) or that may constitute harassment or discrimination