Mission Statement & Policy

Mission Statement:

The goal of the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program is to provide support, resources, and assistance to parents as primary teachers in their endeavor to achieve quality home education.

Expectations and Responsibilities of the Program:

  • Enable families to understand and meet educational goals for their children
  • Provide the following services and resources:

- Resource library
- High school diploma program
- High school level classes
- Enrichment Classes
- Field Trips
- Individual diagnostic and standardized testing available

Expectations and Responsibilities of Supervising Teachers:

  • Work alongside parents to meet the challenges they encounter and celebrate their successes
  • Make required contacts with families

Expectations and Responsibilities of Parents:

  • Plan, execute, and document the educational progress of their children
  • Make required contacts with their supervising teachers
  • Remain responsible and available during scheduled events

Expectations and Responsibilities of Students:

  • Have a commitment to learn
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Model exemplary behavior