Field Trips

Field trips are a great addition to your home school for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • Enhance learning. Field trips provide families an opportunity to see life up-close-and-personal. Often a field trip will spark an interest in a child or entire family. It can also help them see the practical applications of their education. Additionally, exploring their local world helps children to identify with the community in which they live.
  • Broaden horizons. You can use field trips to expose your children to all sorts of experiences.
  • Provide social interaction. This is a time to get together with friends to explore, learn, and socialize.
  • Interrupt routine. Field trips are a great way to add variety to your home school and break up the routine of everyday activities.
  • Have fun. Field trips are fun for both students and their parents.

We know you, as a home schooling parent, think of almost every opportunity out of your house as a learning experience and field trip, but in addition to the adventures your family takes on its own or with other home schooling friends, we plan a number of opportunities throughout the year that you might like to join. We try to plan trips that appeal to various age groups and interest levels.

Some years, many of our trips are based around a theme such as career exploration, local historical sites, sports adventures, cultural diversity, community business exploration, or science discovery.

Past Field Trips

Below is a list of some of the trips we have taken throughout the years. Be sure to explore the options we will have available during this year by checking the current monthly newsletters.

Looking over this list might spark an interest in a trip that you would like to plan for your family and friends.

Please, let us know of trips you would like to see us offer again.

African American Museum
Amana Museums and Shops
Barnes & Noble
Bird Watching

Brucemore Mansion
Butterfly Tagging
Channel 9, KCRG
Children’s Museum
Christmas Caroling
City Hall
CR Kernels Baseball Game
Cross Country Skiing
Czech and Slovak Museum
D&D Worm Ranch
Dairy Tour
Downhill Skiing
Duffey’s Antique Cars
Elmhurst Mansion Tour
Eulenspiegel Puppets
Farmer’s Supply
Fire Stations
Garden Center
Goat Farm
Granger House
Hancher Performances
Henderson Lewelling House
Henry Doorly Zoo Campout
Herbert Hoover Museum
History Center
Honey Harvesting
HyVee Stores
Ice Skating
JK Creative Woods
KCII Radio Station
Maple Syruping
Marr Park
Mercy ER Tour
Museum of Art
Kinze Manufacturing
Old Capitol Tour

One Room Schoolhouse
Paleontology Field Trip
Police Stations
Post Office
Putnam Museum
Raptor Center
Reha’s Greenhouse
Roller Skating
Science Station
Seminole Valley Pioneer Farm
Sorghum Processing
State Archeology Tour
Texas Roadhouse
Turkey Farm
UI Drive Simulator

UI Medical Museum
Usher’s Ferry
Wickiup Hills
Wildflower Walks
Wilson ’s Apples
Winter Survival Training