Helpful Links

General Resources

National Home Education Research Institute

The National Home Education Research Institute’s mission is to:
* Produce high-quality research (e.g., statistics, facts, findings) on home-based education (homeschooling).
* Serve as a clearinghouse of research for the public, researchers, homeschoolers, the media, and policy makers.
* Educate the public concerning the findings of all research on home education.

A to Z Home’s Cool
Inclusive, Comprehensive Homeschooling Information, Curriculum Resources, and Homeschool Communities

Provide resources, information, and support to homeschooling families.

Homeschool World
The official web site for Mary Pride and her magazine, Practical Homeschooling

Homeschool Legal Defence Association (HSLDA)

Provides information about home schooling laws, news, legislation, and organizations from around the country and in Iowa.

Product Reviews

Schoolhouse Review Crew

Product reviews by 250 home school moms.

The Well Trained Mind Community

With sub-forums covering K-8, high school, learning challenges, and gifted educations, this site provides tried and true recommendations. Includes negatives as well as positive recommendations. Highly recommended source.

The Curriculum Choice

Subject specific reviews by 20 home school parents who are also have well known blogs.

Cathy Duffy Reviews

Veteran home educator Cathy Duffy shares comprehensive product reviews

Curriculum Sources

Rainbow Resource

This distributor carries a wide variety of curriculum resources. The color photos, page shots, and user reviews provide helpful information. Most products are discounted.


Amazon is increasingly offering more and more home education materials, most at discounted prices. The reader reviews at Amazon are especially helpful because they include negatives as well as positives.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

This free online coop provides individual home school families with the opportunity to join with other families nation- wide in purchasing materials at significant discount through “group buys.”

General Resources

Khan Academy

A library of over 3000 videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice.

Donna Young

Printable planners for home schooling families


Online flashcard creator

Specific Subject Resources


  • Khan Academy for Parents and Mentors This page includes guidelines to help parents get the most from Khan Academy math programs fortheir children. Especially helpful is the page labeled “finding a place to start.”
  • Let’s Play Math Games for learning math concepts. Check out the link under the Most Popular Posts sidebar, “The Game that is Worth 1,000 worksheets.”
  • MEP Math Free printable resources from a highly regarded British math program. Particularly recommended is the kindergarten level, which is called Reception. This level introduces children to math concepts using a series of printable pictures termed copy masters. The Reception level provides a great intro to math concepts and its cuddly nature has earned it the endearing term “couch math.”
  • Art of Problem Solving Students who love all things mathy will enjoy the videos on this page. Videos feature concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, and probability, as well as skills used in math competitions.
  • ALEKS ($) A K-12 on-line mathematics program that using artificial intelligence to tailor lessons based on student responses to mathematical problems. A one year subscription through the MPHSAP costs $40.


Language Arts

Social Studies

  • The Mommy Writer Lesson plans for home school families with an emphasis on chronological history using classical and Charlotte Mason resources. These free plans include suggestions for studying the same topic with multiple age groups.
  • Heart of Wisdom This page lists a comprehensive list of movies to accompany the study of American history.



Many, if not most, home educators pull their curriculum from many sources and styles making for an eclectic approach.


The large and diverse home schooling community is served by a many different textbook publisher. Some of the most helpful information on textbooks can be found by doing a topic search on the Well Trained Mind Forum or by consulting the Rainbow Resource catalog.


  • The Well Trained Mind ($) Susan Wise Bauer’s books and writings provide the cornerstone of many classical home educators. In addition to products for sale there are many free articles and downloads.
  • The Circe Institute ($) In addition to purchased curriculum this site provides many free audio lectures and articles focusing on classical education and the Great Books.

Charlotte Mason

  • Ambleside Online Free booklists, schedules, helps, and forum support for a Charlotte Mason based curriculum.
  • Simply Charlotte Mason ($) Free forum support and some free downloads. Books, videos, and organizational materials for purchase.

Unit Study Studying a topic in depth combining social studies, science, and language arts forms the basis of a unit study approach.

  • Homeschool Share Unit studies, many with lapbook download, all generously created to share for free by home school moms.
  • Side Tracked Sarah ($) A long list of free unit studies as well as some for purchase can be found on this page.

Inspiration and Encouragement

The Homeschool Post Home school families are a very diverse lot, and as a result, there is a huge variety of blogs available to share methods, make us laugh, and inspire us. The annual Homeschool Blog Awards showcases top blogs in many categories.

A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief Julie Bogart, who is the author of a well know writing program, inspires home schooling moms through her blog with an emphasis relationship building within the family.