High School Classes



  • A variety of high school level classes are offered each year. Although these classes are offered to support the diploma program, any high school student may participate whether he or she is working toward a MPHSAP diploma or not.
  • Parent/student meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of each fall semester. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory for both the student and parent prior to class participation.

Other Enrollment options for High School students

1. Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an option that allows high school students to take classes that are not offered through the MPHSAP, but are available at Mid-Prairie High School. (See enrollment options.)

2. Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) / Senior Year Plus (SYP)

The Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act was enacted in 1987 to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wider variety of options to high school students by enabling eleventh and twelfth grade students to enroll part time in nonsectarian courses in eligible post secondary institutions of higher learning in Iowa. A ninth or tenth grade student who is identified as a gifted and talented student according to the school district’s criteria and procedures may now participate under this Act. The specific purposes of this Act are to: promote rigorous academic pursuits; and provide a wider variety of options for students. Iowa Code section 261C.2

If you are interested in more information about the PSEO for your high school student, please contact your supervising teacher. This option is available only for classes which are not offered at Mid-Prairie High School. The student must be dual-enrolled in the MPHSAP program to participate in the Senior Year Plus program.