High School Diploma Option

Students enrolled in the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program may choose to participate in the home school diploma program. The diploma is optional for all MPHSAP students, and home schooled students may continue to participate in all other functions of MPHSAP if they elect not to participate in the diploma program. A student in the diploma program may transfer at any time to the non-diploma program.


A. Academic requirements for the MPHSAP Diploma

In order to receive a diploma from the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program, a student must complete all of the following requirements:

1) Students must complete 28 units

a) Students must complete a minimum of fifteen and a half (15.5) required units in the following subject areas:
4 units of English
3 units of mathematics
3 units of science
3 units of social studies
2.5 units of PE/health

b) Students must complete a minimum of twelve and a half (12.5) elective units in any area of study.

2) It is the responsibility of each student to keep a record of the units he/she has earned in order to know at all times how he/she stands with respect to completion requirements. A transcript of work completed will be provided for each enrolled student who requests that MPHSAP keep transcript records for him/her.

B. Evidence of Completion

Any of the following alternatives will be accepted as evidence of completion of one unit of credit for courses:

· Completion of over two-thirds of a high school level textbook.

· Completion of at least 120 hours of study and/or activities related to the course content.

· Completion of an independent study course which culminates in a research paper of at least fifteen pages (3600 words) in length (typed double-spaced or handwritten single-spaced) using at least three non-encyclopedic references, footnotes, bibliography, etc. which demonstrates learning of the subject.)

· Completion of a college course.

· Passing test score on an Advanced Placement exam.

· Any other evidence of completion of a course as agreed upon by the parent and the MPHSAP director.

C. Transfer Credits

Transfer credits will be accepted. If a student transfers to home education from a traditional school, credit for school courses completed will be accepted by the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program upon receipt of the school transcript. Students receiving a home school diploma must be enrolled for a minimum of two years (including the final year of high school) in the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program, unless otherwise approved by the MPHSAP Director.

D. How Credits Are Awarded

It is up to the parent, with concurrence of the supervising teacher, to determine that the requirements for a course unit have been met. Successful completion of each course will count towards the requirements for the MPHSAP diploma. Units may be earned in increments of ¼, ½ and 1 unit.

E. Evaluation

Evaluation will be determined by the teaching parent or legal guardian, with concurrence of the supervising teacher. Student performance may be documented by any of the following: written course work, tests taken, oral presentation, logs of instruction, portfolio work, standardized test scores that indicate appropriate learning of the material, or other means agreed upon by the parent, the supervising teacher, and the MPHSAP Director. No class rank will be given for MPHSAP students.

F. Independent Assessment

· MPHSAP students pursuing the diploma option will be required to take the Iowa Assessments and achieve a score at or above the 40th percentile on composite scores based on national norms of the Iowa Assessments during their junior year.

· If the student is unable to score above the 40th percentile based on national norms of the Iowa Assessments Exam, an alternate form of assessment that is mutually agreed upon by the Mid-Prairie Superintendent, the MPHSAP Director, the supervising teacher, and the student’s parents or legal guardian may be used. Another option is a plan of remediation for the senior year to be implemented and successfully completed by the student.

G. Special Needs Provision

It is the intention of the Mid-Prairie Home School Assistance Program to award a certificate of completion to home educated students with special needs who are achieving up to their potential. Therefore, any of these requirements for the diploma may be waived by the superintendent and the MPHSAP Director if they deem the requirements to be inappropriate to a special needs student, and if the MPHSAP Director mentions, in the evaluation letter, that the student has special needs.

H. Honors Program

A student who is enrolled in the MPHSAP diploma program may choose to participate in the honors program. Any student choosing to participate in the honors program must complete the following:

I. Graduation

A student completing the requirements for graduation will be recommended to the Board of Education and will receive a diploma documenting his/her achievement. An exit interview will be held with the student, the director of the MPHSAP, and the school superintendent. The director of the MPHSAP may choose to provide a graduation ceremony for these students based on the desire of graduating seniors and their parents. Home school students will not be included in the Mid-Prairie School District ’s high school graduation ceremony. Students who have successfully completed the MPHSAP honors program will graduate with honors.

J. Transcripts

a. Record Keeping:

Record keeping is primarily the responsibility of the parent. Supervising teachers and parents will review the student’s progress and assign units on a transcript form on a regular basis. The original form will remain with the supervising teacher until completion of the transcript.

b. Grades:

Parents have the option of assigning grades to the courses shown on the transcript. Parents are advised to determine the preference of the post secondary institutions where their child may attend and provide documentation accordingly. Parents shall determine the grading scale that will be used for their child. It is recommended that the parent include with the transcript an explanation of the grading scale used. Information on ways to determine grades is available from the supervising teacher.

c. Transcript preparation:

The MPHSAP Official Transcript (MS Excel format) is available on disk or e-mail by contacting the office at 683-2280. Parents who do not have access to computers with MS Excel may make arrangements to use a computer at the MPHSAP Library. Final transcripts are to be submitted to the MPHSAP Director through the supervising teacher.

d. Multiple Transcripts:

Some students, due to dual enrollment, will be recording credit for courses taken at a public or private high school or college in addition to their home schooling studies. Parents shall provide a separate transcript for each institution where their child received credit for courses taken. Each institution will be designated on the MPHSAP Transcript.

e. Transcript Records:

MPHSAP will maintain the official signed copy of student transcripts in the student’s file.