Home Schooling in Iowa

Joining a Home School Assistance Program (HSAP) is one of five legal options under Iowa law in which a family may home school. A school district which elects to provide a HSAP must provide an Iowa – licensed teacher to supervise the enrolled families. The teacher must have sixteen (16) supervising contacts with the enrolled family throughout the school year. Eight (8) of the contacts must be face-to-face, but the remaining eight (8) contacts may be by phone or e-mail. An HSAP may provide other optional services, but all HSAPs must provide the required certified teacher supervision of home schooled families.

The five options for home schooling in Iowa are:

  • Option 1- Home Schooling using a supervising teacher
  • Option 2- Home Schooling as part of a public school's Home School Assistance Program
  • Option 3- Home Schooling under the Private Instruction Exemption, and choosing to file Form A (for dual enrollment)
  • Option 4- Home Schooling under the Private Instruction Exemption, and choosing NOT to file Form A
  • Option 5- Home Schooling under the Independent Private Instruction option

Home schooling in Iowa is governed by the following:

  • Chapter 31 – Iowa Administrative Code Competent Private Instruction and Dual Enrollment

To read the official Iowa Code or the Administrative Code visit the Iowa Legislative website.