Parent Education

Since parents are the primary teachers in the home school setting, we feel it is important to support parents by offering continual training opportunities. Workshops are planned for parents and HSAP specialists are brought in to give parents a chance to gain new insights and skills. Listed below are a few of the most recent workshops we have held for parents:

Bal-A-Vis-X (Rhythmic Balance/Auditory/Vision/eXercises for Brain/Body Integration)

CRISS training (Creating Independence through Student-owned Strategies)

Vision Therapy for Learning Needs
Charlotte Mason
Dinah Zikes’ Creative Book Making
Nutrition and Learning
Excellence in Writing Workshops
Creating a Unit Study
Curriculum Approaches
Reading Workshop
Project-based Learning
Learning Styles
Home Schooling Through High School
Right-Brain Learners

Another thing we can do to assist in parent education is to provide opportunities for families to network with one another. Many of our families have schooled at home for over 20 years and can be a tremendous support to other families just starting out. Some families have schooled special needs children and can share what they have learned with families that are taking on similar challenges. A mom who has successfully schooled multiple ages at one time can often provide the best insights into structuring family life and school for other families with multiple-aged children.

Finally, home school “help” books are in our resource library for parents to check out. These books cover many approaches to schooling, can provide insight into learning styles and needs, and offer a wealth of insight into what has worked for others in home schooling their children.