What's My Next Step?

I’m interested in home schooling, or at least learning more about your program. What do I do now?

Review the Letter of Introduction and Getting Started documents:

1) Letter of Introduction (PDF)

2) Getting Started (PDF) 

These will introduce you to our program and help you better understand the services we provide. 

If you live in a district outside of Mid-Prairie:

If you are thinking about joining our program next year and you live out of the Mid-Prairie district, you will need to open enroll*. Paperwork must be completed in February for the March 1st deadline. Therefore, if you are considering this, or know anyone who is, you can find the needed application online or call the HSAP Resource Center and we will send the form to you. Click here for the online information.

In order to make sure the form is filled out correctly, please connect with someone in our program before you submit it to the districts involved.

  • If you are currently open-enrolled, you do not need to re-file open enrollment forms each year. However, there must be open enrollment papers filed for each child.
  • If you have open-enrolled to Mid-Prairie for the first time for the upcoming year, you will additionally need to fill out an MPHSAP Enrollment Form. This will be something that you will need to turn in each year.
  • As a new family joining the MPHSAP you will receive an enrollment packet by April.

After reading over information, call the MPHSAP Library to set up an interview.


After Interview:

  • Submit Enrollment form
  • Turn in a copy of immunization record or exemption form
  • Consider Academic Goals for each of your students


*Open Enrollment

Application for open enrollment is available to anyone who does not reside in the Mid-Prairie School District but who wishes to enroll in the MPHSAP. An open enrollment application must be filled out and a copy sent to both the family’s resident district and to the Mid-Prairie District offices. Forms are available through the MPHSAP Library, from your resident district offices, or online.

Deadlines for open enrollment application are as follows:

The completed form must be filed with both the resident and receiving districts by March 1st preceding the school year for which open enrollment is desired. Exceptions to this deadline:

1.) Families wishing to enroll kindergarten students must file forms with the receiving district before September 1st of the school year of enrollment in kindergarten.

2.) The “good cause” category for filing after the March 1st deadline relates to a change in the student’s residence.

3.) Some school districts may allow a student to open enroll out of their district after the deadlines stated. This can be decided by the resident district on a case-by-case basis.