About Our School

Mid-Prairie West Elementary

Mid-Prairie West Elementary School houses:

2 sections of preschool including both 3-year old and 4-year old preschool
3 sections of Kindergarten
5 sections each of 3rd Grade and 4th Grade

We are excited to provide your child with a quality education from a dedicated staff!

Our vision includes the following components which drive our learning, our thinking, and our practice:

  1. Personalized, passion-based educational experiences
  2. Innovation through collaboration and problem solving
  3. Development of respectful, responsible, adaptable, and hardworking members of society
  4. Environment of collaboration among and within students, educators, families, our community, and global society
  5. Balance between technology and access to hands-on learning
  6. Embracing quality professional learning for educators to ensure that all students learn to their maximum ability.

Please join us as we experiment with "Flex Fridays" to utilize learning time in new ways to motivate all students to learn in new ways.