School News

Mrs. Hartsock's 3rd Grade Class

MPHS FFA students came to teach MP West third graders about agriculture. Students brainstormed what agriculture is and how it affects us each day, constructed agricultural items out of play dough, and planted pea seeds!

Mrs. Bender's 4th Grade Class

Chemical weathering was our topic this week. Using vinegar as our acid, the kids ran an experiment to see how much weathering would occur with basalt, limestone, sandstone and marble. We then set out the solution overnight to see what was left behind after the vinegar had evaporated.

Ground Hog's Day!
To celebrate the kids worked on creating their own ground hog's shadows using different angle placements to see which angle would produce the longest shadow. The flashlights were a big hit! (So was being able to work in the dark.)

Kindergarten Activities


We purchased some new building blocks for the school. The students were having so much fun building.

Foster Woods was so much fun. The temps were just right. We didn't have any snow to see animal tracks in, but we did see some in the mud.


We have finally made it to Day 100!!! I can't believe how quickly it has gone. The students have grown so much in these first 100 days.

We started the day walking the runway in a fashion show with KB.


We did some different centers that all had to do with the number 100. Here students are working a puzzle with 100 pieces.

We Q-tip painted in groups of 10 to make 100 dots.


Here they are building structures with 100 cups.


Students created shirts representing 100 days and wore them to school to celebrate! The students were so proud to wear them and the staff/students loved seeing all of them.


Mrs. Bender's 4th grade class visiting Parkview to sing Christmas Carols with the residents.

4th graders learning about Hanukkah by listening to a story about Hanukkah, making Dreidels, playing the Dreidel game, practicing multiplication facts and making potato Latkes.

A kindergarten class made bird feeders with lard, bread and seed.



Mrs. Hartsock's class was delighted to have high school students join them for science, last week. Mr. Cavanaugh's class wanted to do some service learning, so volunteered to help out at MP West. It was great to have these students help us complete our investigations in small groups.

Great art work hanging in MP-West hallways. Here are two samples from Mrs. Bender's classroom.

Mid­-Prairie West School Pantry

We are excited to announce that Mid-­Prairie West’s School Pantry is ready to serve local families! Families interested in using the pantry must have a student attending Mid-­Prairie West Elementary.

The food available in our School Pantry will vary from month to month, but may include cereal, peanut butter, pasta, pasta sauce, canned fruits and vegetables, frozen meat, bread products, and much more.

If your family is in need of help with food and would like to utilize the School Pantry, please contact Kelly Tyler, Mid­-Prairie West School Counselor for more information at or 319­646­2984.

MP-West Parents:

It is a good time to remind all parents who pick up or drop off children at school, we need to make sure that you drive immediately to the LEFT and into the parking lot--NOT to the RIGHT where the buses drive around the circle. Buses need ample room to be able to make the circle drive in order to safely drop off or pick up students from the school.

Also, there is NO PARKING around the circle where the buses go. Several cars have been parked near the trees lining the golf course. This is prohibiting the buses from being able to navigate the circle drive safely without driving over the curb.

Please communicate this message with anyone who drops off or picks up students at MP-West Elementary School.

Thank you!