Elementary Menu

PLEASE NOTE: Milk choices include: Skim, Skim Chocolate and 1% White Milk. Milk is offered as part of every meal. Students DO NOT have to take milk if they choose not to. HOWEVER, the student must take a MINIMUM of 3 items AND you have to have a fruit or vegetable. *Reduced fat dressings are served with all salads and fresh vegetables .

Breakfast: All meals include: 100% juice, fruit and milk. Breakfast item listed on bottom of each days menu.

The USDA has approved FREE Breakfast and Lunch for all students through the end of the current school year. Your students enrolled in the Mid-Prairie Community School District will not be charged for any regular school meals starting September 14th 2020.

Student lunch $3.10 | Adult lunch $3.85 | Student Breakfast $1.85 | Adult Breakfast $2.35

may elementary menu