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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment

Parents/guardians considering the use of the open enrollment option to enroll their child/children in another public school district in the State of Iowa should be aware of the following: March 1 is the deadline to file open enrollment application forms with the resident and receiving district. Applications must be filed in the school year prior to the open enrollment year. If the application is for a kindergarten student, file the application form with both districts on or before September 1 of the school year in which open enrollment is requested. Not that The last day for regular Open Enrollment requests for the 17-18 year was March 1, 2016. Applications filed after March 1 may not be approved unless the reason for late filing qualifies for “good cause”.

Approval for one child in a family does not guarantee approval for other children in the same family. Each child must have a request filed for him or her. If you move from the district in which you currently live during the term of Open Enrollment, you must notify both districts.

Parents/guardians of Open Enrollment students may qualify for transportation assistance. Parents should be aware that Open Enrollment may result in the loss of athletic eligibility.