MPHS Social Studies

We are learning about Biology in Psychology! To start the unit we begin by looking at 9 important parts of the brain and their locations. I currently have 20 brains (hats) in my room that students created. Students labeled, colored, and assembled a hat using an app (on their school-issued iPads) that allows them to see a 3-Dimensional view of the brain. They are learning about the brain and creating a new item to add to their wardrobe! 

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Hawk Facts

Approximately 1200 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

92% Staff retention rate reflecting our employees' sustained commitment

Over 30 athletic teams between the middle and high schools.

80% of favorable staff responses measuring meaningful work and a positive work environment

1,191 parents & guardians receive weekly/biweekly communication

HS Choir | 100 members | 1 student selected for OPUS Honor Choir | Mixed Choir I Rating | Ladies Lyrica II Rating | Honor Choir Attendees | 3 Sold Out Madrigal Performances

Hawk Pride

Congratulations to MPHS January 17-21 Student of the Week: Evan Philips

Our MPHS Student of the week for January 17-21 is Evan Philips. Evan was nominated by Mrs. Johnston for Student of the Week because his consistency for being a hard working kid is never ending. Whether he is practicing for sports, applying himself to learn new material at school and complete his homework, or being a good friend to all, Evan does his best until he gets it done! Evan is kind and hilarious, volunteers his time to mentor younger students, and is always a smiling face who can be counted on to be there for others. Way to go, Evan!

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